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类风湿性关节炎 Rheumatoid Arthritis


盆血 Anaemia

失眠 便秘 胆固醇高 Insomnia, Constipation, High Level of Cholesterol

胃痛 Gastritis

鼻息肉 Nasal Polyp

子宫颈癌 Cervical Cancer

免疫系统虚弱 Low Immune System

经期问题 Menstrual Issue

膝盖问题,糖尿,血压Knee problems, Diabetes, Blood Pressure

重肌无力症 Myasthenia Gravis

乳癌 Breast Cancer

怀孕问题 Pregnancy Complication

眼睛手術後遺症 After eye operation‘s side effect




前列腺肿大 Enlarged Prostate

带状疱疹 Herpes Zoster, Floaters

脑部出血 , 手脚反应迟缓,积血中风 Brain Hemorrhage, Slow Response of hands and feet(Slow React), Hemorrhagic Stroke

喉瘤,肺感染,甲状腺Laryngeal Tumor, Lung Infection, Thyroid Disease

前列腺癌,精神疲累,干眼症,老人斑 Prostate Cancer, Fatigue, Eye Dryness, Age Spot


妇女病——经期杂乱,水肿 Gynaecological Disease - Irregular Menstrual, Edema

Hyperaemia of eyes, itchy feet(allergic contact dermatitis)眼睛充血,脚痒(过敏性皮炎)

Granular - 粒状

Sequelae of appendicitis surgery, cramps and numbness of hands and feet, lack of articulation - 盲肠炎手术后遗症 手脚抽痛麻痹 口齿不灵俐

Gastric Disease - 胃病

Migraine, foot pumping, backache, internal hemorrhoids, stool bleeding - 偏头痛,脚抽经,腰酸,内痔疮,大便出血

肌瘤 Fibromatosis

卵巢癌 - Ovarian cancer

High Blood Sugar - 血糖指数过高

High Blood Presure - 高血压

Stroke - 中风见证分享

Psoriasis - 牛皮藓

Diabetes - 糖尿病

Nasal Cancer - 鼻癌

Glaucoma - 青光眼

Cerebral Palsy & Neck Tumor - 后脑麻痹及颈项生瘤

Goiter - 甲状腺肿大(大颈包)

Constipation & Wound Problem - 调理便秘 & 伤口问题

Cardiovascular Tumour & Prostate Problem - 心血管肿瘤 & 前列腺

Asma & Hand Numbness - 气喘 & 手麻痹症

What's behind our brand names?

What's behind our brand names?

The numerous awards and accolades represent more than mere recognitions. Our brand names stand for trust, quality and assurance.

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Awards and achievements

These are evidences of decades of hard work and genuine commitment to excellence and passion to bring and return good health to many. Behind each award stands innovation, ingenuity, passion and technology. They inspire us to strive for excellence for the world.

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News and events

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Success stories

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