Mushroom Italian Coffee

Mushroom Italian Coffee

Mushroom Italian Coffee
CP: RM165/ 3 packs
16 sachets x 20 gram

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What Are The Special Characteristics Of Mushroom Italian Coffee?

The coffee's most unique feature is that it is infused with the precious beta-glucan that is extracted from 15 types of mushrooms;Ganoderma lucidum,Agaricus blazei murril,Cordyceps sinensis,Clavulina cristata,marine algae polysacharides.etc.

Beta-Glucan has a unique structure(1,3;1,6)and it specifically targets our immune system to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

A cup of beta glucan infused Mushroom Italian Coffee not only tastes delicious but also helps to improve our immune system.

Health Benefits and Functions

✔ Improves our digestive system and intestinal environment

✔ Promotes nutrient absorption by body cells

✔ Activates cellular vitality

✔ Neutralises excess free radicals