Cera Snow creates the perfect fair and supple skin
CP: RM340/box
20packet X 2g

Cera Snow provides you with special formula for a fair and supple skin.

VIQUA - Pomegranate Extract

•Pomegranate is also known as a 'super fruit' that contains minerals and two major antioxidants.
  • —Pomegranate Polyphenols
  • —Anthocyanin
  • •Pomegranate extract restores the youthfulness in skin, stimulates collagen regeneration leaving the skin white and supple while protecting it from UV rays.

  • —Ultraviolet A
  • —Ultraviolet B
  • Snow's Top 10 functions

    1. Whitens the skin
    2. Making the skin firm and delicate
    3. Supple and smooth
    4. Radiant skin
    5. Rosy complexion and translucent skin
    6. Promotes collagen regeneration
    7. Reduces redness and dry skin
    8. Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles
    9. Enhances the skin's ability to lock in water
    10. Lightens spots, freckles, age spots and pigmentation

    6 raw materials

    1. VIQUA - Pomegranate Extract
    2. Glutathione
    3. Astaxanthin
    4. CM-Glucan
    5. Ceramide
    6. Vitamin C