H₂Life Hydrogen Water Pot / Tumbler

H₂Life Hydrogen Water Pot / Tumbler

Healthy lifestyles begin with Hydrogen Water
CP: RM5,180/unit

CP: RM1,500/bottle

Do you know that we need to drink eight glasses of water each day just to maintain our health? The role of water is so vital to our body that its quality cannot be ignored. Pure hydrogen water is here to satisfy our need for that good and high-quality water.

Hydrogen water, also known as hydrogen enriched water, contains the smallest molecules that can be easily absorbed by the human body. It is so small that it can even penetrate brain cells that other antioxidants cannot. These are molecules which are neutral, colourless and tasteless and act as the best natural antioxidant.

 Benefits of hydrogen water

Benefits of hydrogen water

✔ helps in blood circulation and improves metabolism

✔ improves the digestive system and helps to alleviate constipation

✔ detoxification

✔ improves memory

✔ reduces skin allergy

✔ reduces the risk of chronic diseases

✔ anti-aging

✔ helps repair damaged tissues

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