Mushroom Italian Coffee

Mushroom Italian Coffee

Mushroom Italian Coffee
CP: RM55/ packs
16 sachets x 20 gram

The Biography of Arabica Beans

Arabica coffee is known as"small fruit coffee" (sciencetific name: Coffee Arabica). Since Arabica coffee beans only grow at altitudes of between 900m and 2000m above sea level, it is also known as "alpine beans". Arabica coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid that is anti-oxidation. Due to the harsh cultivation conditions of Arabica coffee beans as well as the high need for manual care, the price of Arabica coffee beans is relatively high. World famous coffees such as Kona coffee, Jamaican Blue Mountains and Yemen Mocha are example of Arabica beans.

Arabica coffee beans arealso called "light coffee" as they have a relatively lower caffeine content (only half of the Robusta coffee beans). The sugar content of Arabica coffee beans is twice of Robusta coffee beans while its fat content is 60% more than that of Robusta coffee beans. Its also has a moderate coffee oil content.

What Are The Special Characteristics Of Mushroom Italian Coffee?

The coffee's most unique feature is that it is infused with the precious beta-glucan that is extracted from 15 types of mushrooms;Ganoderma lucidum,Agaricus blazei murril,Cordyceps sinensis,Clavulina cristata,marine algae polysacharides.etc.

Beta-Glucan has a unique structure(1,3;1,6)and it specifically targets our immune system to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

A cup of beta glucan infused Mushroom Italian Coffee not only tastes delicious but also helps to improve our immune system.

Health Benefits and Functions

✔ Improves our digestive system and intestinal environment

✔ Promotes nutrient absorption by body cells

✔ Activates cellular vitality

✔ Neutralises excess free radicals