2021 New Product


CP: RM165/box
20 sachets x 2 gram
The human brain is the organ that controls all the activities in our lives. It is responsible for receiving signals from other organs and for sending signals back to these organs. When a person is born, the brain will grow more than twice its initial size in just the first year. By the age of three, a child's brain activity will be double that of an adult's.
Parents always hope and expect their children to attain great achievements. They would hope for their children to be smart and brilliant too.
However, do we know that brain cell growth and development during childhood require important nutrients for helping the brain function and effectively increase its learning, concentration and memory abilities? Therefore, it is important for children to nourish their brains during this period of growth to obtain sufficient nutrients so that their brains can grow and develop normally.

6 Major Effects That Help Children

  1. Enhance memory, cognitive, learning, concentration and reaction abilities
  2. Improve attention and verbal memory
  3. Relieve learning pressure
  4. Promote blood circulation and maintain good health
  5. Promote vision development
  6. Anti-anxiety and anti-oxidant effect