The importance of the immune system:

Our immune system is the best doctor in the world. Health and immunity are closely related. The normal functioning of our immune system is an important indicator of our health status. Our immune system consists of immune organs,immune cells and immune antibodies. The main function of the immune system is to identify and eliminate foreign bodies, pathogens, microorganisms, etc. in order to maintain the body's physiological balance.

Our immune system constantly observes changes within the cells in our body. Once abnormal cells are discovered, these cells will be immediately destroyed or eliminated as these rogue cells will continue to multiply if allowed to stay in the body. Over time, they may turn cancerous.



Gold Edition

Botanical Beverage Mix Lemon (High Purity of beta-glucan)
CP:RM 420 / box
20 sachets x 2 gram

The following effects can be achieved when human immunity is improved

➊ Can protect the body against foreign viruses
➋ Can reduce the risk of tumor cell proliferation
➌ Can eliminate the harmful free radicals in the body and achieve anti-oxidant effect
➍ Can promote the metabolism and rejuvenation of cells
➎ Can protect the body from radiation, UV rays and other forms of pollutants
➏ Can promote detoxification and decreases the toxic effects of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine
➐ Can enhance and strengthen internal organs and their functions
➑ Can restore cells and accelerate wound healing

yLifeXtra-Gold formula

✤ Glutathione, GSH
✤ Immunomodulaory peptides, IMPs
✤ Triterpenoid
✤ Anthrodia camphorate
✤ Ganoderma Lucidum
✤ Coriolus Versicolor
✤ Agaricus Blazei Murril
✤ Schizophyllum Commune
✤ Agrocybe Aegerita
✤ Phellinus Linteus
✤ Saccharomycetes
✤ Clavulina Cristata
✤ Pleurotus Eryngii
✤ Lentinula Edodes
✤ Tricholoma Matsutake
✤ Grifola Frondosa
✤ Marine Algae Polysaccharides
✤ Cordyceps Sinesis