Botanical Beverage Mix Lemon / Blackcurrant
CP: RM340/box
30 sachets x 2 gram

A vast majority of us have undergone health inspections. While the result of such inspections may shed light on an array of health conditions, it can never represent one's overall health condition. As a result, many end up living under a false impression that they are in the pinkest of health until the day they fall ill. It is then that they realise how frail they really are. It would then be too late.

yLifeXtra-Plus Mushroom β-Glucan is a type of functional food as well as biological response modifier (BRM) that functions by activating natural killer cells (NK cells) and macrophages that strengthen the human immune system which in turn cope with elements harmful to human health.

Eight types of monosaccharide, essential for body

✔ Fucose
✔ Glucose
✔ Galactose
✔ Mannose
✔ N-acetyl glucosamine
✔ N-acetyl galactosamine
✔ N-acetyl neuraminidase
✔ Xylose

Fifteen types of active concentrated polysaccharide complex (1,3;1,6)

  1. Antrodia Camphorata
  2. Ganoderma Lucidum
  3. Agaricus Blazei Murrill
  4. Schizophyllum Commune
  5. Agrocybe Aegerita
  6. Phellinus Linteus
  7. Cordyceps Sinensis
  8. Clavulina Cristata
  9. Coriolus Versicolor
  10. Pleurotus Eryngii
  11. Lentinula Edodes
  12. Grifola Frondosa
  13. Tricholoma Matsutake Mushroom
  14. Marine Algae Polysaccharides
  15. Saccharomycetes

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